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The Grungy, the Beautiful, & the Unexpected

Deep, moody, and vibrant, John Kerkacharian's photography combines bold colors with unexpected textures to reveal the hidden alcoves of our world. His work ranges from the wide expanses of the ocean to the grungy nightscapes of the city, showcasing both the brilliant splendor of nature and the unexpected beauty of the decrepit. He looks for splashes of color, surprising moments of contrast, and unique geometry in the mundane and the magnificent.

Located in New Milford, New Jersey, John is a passionate, urban photographer who has been following his dream for more than 15 years. He is constantly improving his skills and training his eye to capture even more in the people, places, and objects around him. If you are interested in showing John's work in your gallery, he is more than happy to talk to you or your representative about his fine art photography.

Explore fleeting moments, discover hidden places, and encounter unanticipated beauty.

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